Reasons to password protect PDF

If the PDF contains sensitive or confidential information, such as personal data, financial information or trade secrets, password protecting it can help ensure that only authorized people have access to this information. If you want to limit who can open or view PDF content, setting a password can be an effective measure to control access. This can be especially useful for sharing confidential documents with a select group of people.

By password protecting a PDF, you prevent others from making changes to the document's content without your permission. This can be important if you need to ensure document integrity and avoid possible unwanted manipulations or edits.

Whether you need to email a PDF or transfer it via other forms of file sharing, password protecting the document can add an additional layer of security by preventing unauthorized third parties from accessing its contents. It is important to remember that when password protecting a PDF, it is essential to use strong and unique passwords to prevent them from being easily guessed or discovered by brute force. In addition, it is essential to keep a secure record of the passwords used so that you can access the document later.