Reasons to merge PDF

Merging PDFs is a convenient way to organize related documents into a single file. This can be useful for keeping records, creating reports, or compiling information for future reference. Merging PDF is a common action performed by many people, and there are several reasons why someone might want to combine multiple PDF files into a single document.

By merging multiple PDFs into a single file, it's easier to share all documents at once. This is especially useful when sending via email or sharing on cloud storage platforms. If you're giving a presentation and need to display multiple documents in sequence, combining the PDFs into a single file can make it easier to navigate between different slides or pages.

Combining multiple PDF files into a single document can reduce the required storage space. Instead of having multiple separate files, you can consolidate everything into one compact file. By combining multiple PDFs, you can print all documents at once, saving time and paper. This can be useful when printing reports, manuals or any set of related documents.