Reasons to Convert PDF to TXT

The PDF format is known to be read-only, which means that you cannot directly edit the contents of a PDF file. Converting PDF to TXT allows you to work with the text in the document and make edits as needed. In many cases, you may need to extract specific information from a PDF document, such as email addresses, phone numbers or structured data. Converting PDF to TXT makes it easy to extract this information using search engines or custom scripts.

Some screen readers and assistive devices may have difficulty handling PDF files. Converting the PDF to a plain text format allows people with visual impairments or other reading difficulties to access the document's content in a more accessible way. The TXT format is a plain text format that can be read by a wide variety of applications and devices. Converting a PDF to TXT ensures that the content is compatible with a wide range of programs and operating systems.

In some cases, PDF files can be large and take up a lot of storage space. Converting PDF to TXT can significantly reduce the file size, making it easier to share and store. In certain situations, it may be important to preserve only the textual content of a document and discard other elements such as images, complex formatting, or annotations. Converting PDF to TXT lets you focus on the text itself.