Reasons to Convert Excel to PDF

PDF is a file format that preserves the document's original layout, formatting, and page settings. Converting an Excel file to PDF can ensure that the document is viewed and printed exactly as it was designed, regardless of the operating system, software or device used to open the file. The PDF format is widely accepted and compatible with most devices, operating systems and viewing software. By converting an Excel file to PDF, you can be confident that anyone who needs to view the document will be able to do so without any problems.

The PDF format allows you to apply security measures to the document, such as editing restrictions, password protection and encryption. This is useful when you need to share confidential information or prevent unauthorized file changes. PDF is a widely used format for sharing documents as it is platform independent and retains the original formatting. By converting an Excel file to PDF, you can easily share it with others via email, cloud storage services or social media.

The PDF format offers high quality printing and is suitable for documents that need to be printed on paper. Converting an Excel file to PDF ensures that the document is printed with accuracy and visual fidelity, regardless of the device or printer used. In some cases, PDF files may have a smaller size compared to Excel files. This is especially useful when sharing documents via email or storing them on space-constrained cloud services.